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Powder Coated Parts
Powder Coated Parts
Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Powder Coating at Penguin
Powder Coating at Penguin

Penguin, LLC features a full powder coating line typically used in support of metal frame and structural fabrication to provide a smooth, uniform, and protective final coat.

The powder coating process is carried out using a 3 stage washer to etch parts prior to coating, employing both automatic and manual spray guns, finished in a curing oven to bake and set the coat. We work with quantities, as required by customers, offering standard 3-week turnaround times, with rush services available.

Powder Coating Capabilities

Coating Characteristics
Wrinkle Coat, Flat, Gloss
Application Process
Automatic and Manual Spray Guns
Baked Curing Oven
Pre-Coating Preparation
3 Stage Washer
Conveyor Line Length
900 ft
Maximum Part Length
8 ft
Maximum Part Width
3 ft
Hanger Design
As required by customer
Quality Control
Process Sheets
QC Sheets
Frequency of Measurements
Additional Services
Metal Fabrication
Assembly / Pack-Out
Custom Design / Engineering Assistance
Distribution / Logistics

Industry Focus
Office Furniture
Intended Application
As Required
Lean 5S Manufacturing
Lead Time
3 Weeks
Rush Services Available
Production Volume
As required
File Formats
SDRC Ideas (auto industry based)
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